December 4, 2023

What Fish are Peak in October?

Jan 28, 2023

Fish are seasonal just like crops. This makes it a good question to ask what fish are at their peak in October. Another is how to cook fish. According to a recent study, 57% of Americans are barbeque connoisseurs in the fall, compared with 62% who grill in spring. What’s the best place to get fresh fish, regardless of whether you want to cook, bake, steam, saute or steam peak fish in October? St Pete, Florida is the best place to find fresh seafood.


Bluefish are known for their strong fishy taste and edible skin. It is easy to spoil because the meat is very moist. Bluefish can be eaten raw, poached, or baked. Frying is a popular method to prepare small bluefish. Bluefish dishes can be delicious when prepared correctly. This recipe for Baked Bluefish and Potatoes in Genoese Style is the World’s Best Bluefish Recipe.

Baked Bluefish and Potatoes, Genoese


  • 2 fillets of bluefish (skin on, approximately 1 lb. each)
  • 1 1/2 pounds boiling potatoes
  • 2/3 cup olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1/4 cup chopped parsley
  • Salt and pepper
  • An enameled cast-iron casserole dish measuring 16×10 inches is recommended
  • Basting spoon

Preheat the oven to 450°F. Cut the potatoes into 1/8-inch slices. Half the garlic, half the parsley, and half the olive oil are mixed with the potatoes. Season the dish liberally with salt and pepper. Place the potatoes evenly on the bottom and sides. The dish should be placed in the oven’s upper third. After 15 minutes, take the dish out and place the blue fillets of fish on top of the potatoes. Mix the fillets and add the olive oil, garlic, parsley, and remaining olive oil to the bowl.

This article was written by the owner of Cap’s Steamer Bar & Grille. Cap’s is a seafood restaurant Downtown St Pete that serves Florida Seafood with a Bahamian Influence. Cap’s Steamer Bar & Grill is St.Pete’s destination for the freshest seafood featuring a stunning Raw Bar, table-side steamer bar, and gourmet comfort classics with a modern Americana flare.

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Things you may be doing wrong when handling & using American Cheese slices

Jan 11, 2023

Article at a glance:

  • The ‘wow’ factor of American cheese.
  • Handling your American cheese slices properly.

American cheese is a popular cheese for a variety of restaurant dishes all over Australia. American cheese is preferred over several other kinds of cheese because of myriad reasons such as consistency and high melt-ability. Several of those regular cheese restaurants purchase in bulk from cheesemongers or marts melt inconsistently; as a result, the fat content melts away from cheese solids leaving behind a pool of oil, the sight of which cheese lovers do not enjoy because of their undying love for cheese. While American cheese slices are consistent with their design and melt like a joy to watch.

Slices of American cheese are considered ideal for both restaurant sandwiches and burgers. Thousands of restaurants in Australia deal with bulk cheese slices each day and all year long. Like any other food item in the commercial kitchen, American cheese requires proper storage and handling to preserve its natural flavour and shelf life. Most restaurant chefs have their unique approach to cheese cooking, but the right approach to handling and using cheese slices is mostly common for any chef out there.

As a food enhancer, cheese is used to improve the taste and flavour of several restaurant dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, french fries, and many more. To get the ultimate return from your cheeses, the intent with which commercial kitchens buy their bulk cheese slices, your cheese should be fresh (free of moulds and contamination). Thankfully, simple dos and don’ts can help restaurants get the best out of their cheese slices for their restaurant dishes.

Handling American Cheese Slices; Your Dos and Don’ts

If handled improperly, Food products develop unwelcoming flavour and odour in response to outer moisture and temperature. This applies to cheese slices. Restaurants mostly purchase cheese slices in bulk to use in a variety of dishes. Purchasing American cheese slices in bulk for restaurants exacerbates the risk of cheese wastage and additional finances going into cheese buying. So, it is essential to handle cheese properly to avoid wasting both cheese and money.

  • While handling cheese, refrain from using the same kitchen equipment, cutting boards, and knives you use for other food items. While using the same equipment, there are high chances of cross-contamination. Always use clean knives and cutting boards while cutting, shredding, or crushing cheese.
  • It is equally important to store cheese properly. When left for long hours, cheese grows mould in the open air. So, make sure to refrigerate leftover cheese by wrapping it in parchment paper or a cheese wrapper. Refrigerate your American cheese slices as soon as possible after buying them. You can store cheese in the same condition you bought from your cheese shops. This helps in preserving the self-life of your cheese.
  • Cheese is a living product. This means it breathes like those harvested vegetables and fruits. When you store cheese around strong aromatic foods like fish, garlic, onions, broccoli, and others, your cheese absorbs its aroma. So, avoid absorbing your American cheese slices near aromatic food items.
  • Cheese is served at room temperature. This helps your cheese develop its natural flavour. Do not serve your cheese immediately after picking it up from the refrigerator. Before using it in the dishes, leave it in the open for some minutes.

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What is a flexitarian diet, and how does it affect a burger restaurant’s menu?

Jan 11, 2023

While plant-based, vegan diets are in vogue, not everyone is ready to make the ultimate switch. This could be because of taste preferences, but a very important reason is nutritional value.

A flexitarian diet refers to a flexible type of vegetarian diet that allows you to eat meat and fish once in a while. It’s not just for vegetarians and vegans but for anyone who wants to cut down on meat consumption.

This can be good news for burger restaurants and consumers because it allows restaurants to offer more plant-based options on the menu. Let’s take a look at how a flexitarian diet is helpful for your body and what are some of the best burgers in Newcastle available for flexitarians.

It’s a good way of reducing your meat consumption.

If you are trying to cut back on meat consumption, flexitarianism can be an effective way to do that without feeling like you’re missing out on your favourite foods. This diet is flexible and personalized, which means it gives you more choices in what you want to eat.

It’s good for the environment

A flexitarian diet is good for the environment as it lowers emissions from meat production, a potentially significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. A flexitarian diet also reduces energy use by taking advantage of seasonal vegetables that are more nutritious and less resource-intensive than meats.

It’s healthier than a traditional Western diet.

A plant-based diet has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 35 percent. The fibre in vegetables and whole grains also helps with digestion, which is another reason why flexitarians have a lower chance of developing colon cancer. Furthermore, flexitarians tend not only to choose leaner cuts of meat but also eat fewer processed foods overall, thus avoiding the negative health effects found in these products, such as trans fats or artificial sweeteners.

Massively improves your digestive health.

It can help improve your digestive health because it includes more seeds, lentils, and legumes. These foods are good sources of fibre. Fibre is what helps fill you up and can help control blood sugar levels. This is important for digestive health because it slows down digestion so that food stays in the gut longer, which allows your gut bacteria to do their job better – making you feel fuller for longer between meals.

It may help reduce your risk of heart disease.

A flexitarian diet can be a great way to reduce your risk of heart disease. This involves cutting down your intake of saturated fat and cholesterol while increasing fibre, omega-3 fatty acids from fish and seafood (studies have shown these to reduce the risk for high blood pressure), plant foods like vegetables and fruits (which are rich in antioxidants), and beans or legumes (which reduce blood sugar levels).

How does a flexitarian diet affect a burger restaurant’s menu?

Having flexitarians in the house now allows you to experiment with ingredients and add more plant-based options to our menu. At Milky Lane, we offer a gamut of varied options for flexitarians in Newcastle. Smoky Barbeque Vegan Burger and The Drake are some of our 100% plant-based options.

As such, flexitarians don’t need an alternate menu, but we are looking forward to adding more vegan options to encourage our users so they can reduce their meat consumption.

If you are looking for a fun place to brunch with friends and family and get your hands on some of the most delicious burgers in Newcastle, don’t forget to check out our full menu.

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Why food festivals are a great activity to experience with the family

Jan 11, 2023

What makes a food festival a great family experience?

Experiencing different cultures through food

The experience of being surrounded by people who love food as much as you do is what sets food festivals apart from regular diners. You can experience exotic ingredients and delicacies without having to travel halfway through the globe.

At Hello Sunshine, we offer you a break from everyday hustle so you can fill your taste buds and enjoy a tummy full of deliciousness.

Connecting with your family in new ways.

Food festivals not only let you experience something new but also enable you to connect with your family in a way you may not normally do. Everyone can be their own self at a food festival, and you can go a little overboard with all the yummies.

Your kids can get creative with their food as well. Your significant other can treat himself (or herself) to something special, and you’ll all be able to bond over it. In addition, they provide many opportunities for the family to bond and connect over common interests, such as cooking and eating.

Easy on the pocket

The best part is that food festivals are inexpensive in comparison to fine dining in a family restaurant. This means you can still spend quality time with your family without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for something fun this weekend, watch your local food truck festival.


For one thing, they’re educational. At the festival, you can learn about all sorts of concepts related to food and cooking, like how to grow vegetables or make pasta sauce using local ingredients.

You’ll also get to try some tasty new dishes that you may have never thought of before—like “bacon-wrapped bacon” or “cheese-stuffed cheese.”

Furthermore, you get to learn about local ingredients where the food comes from, different herbs which can be good for you to include in your cooking to make it more nutritious, and so much more.

The best food festival in Melbourne in 2023

Hello Sunshine is the place to be if you want to have a great time and experience a joyful moment this February 2023 with your family and friends in Melbourne. It is a summer festival in Melbourne with unlimited music, food, and fun.

It’s the perfect place to spend your summer break with your loved ones.

The food truck festival in Melbourne is a bucket-list item for many people who live in and visit the city. It’s an event not to be missed, as this summer festival is out of this world.

Hello Sunshine Festival will host numerous food trucks and stalls at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.

The delicious food options with a wide range of choices are the main highlight of this festival. You can also taste some of Australia’s best street foods inspired from around the world, along with mouth-watering desserts. This event is ideal for all ages because there will be plenty of activities for families with kids, teens, and adults.

You are invited!

Summer is here, and it’s time to celebrate! But most celebrations are incomplete without food.

So, this summer, join us at the Hello Sunshine food truck festival in Melbourne with unlimited music, food, and fun.

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