September 26, 2023

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  • The ‘wow’ factor of American cheese.
  • Handling your American cheese slices properly.

American cheese is a popular cheese for a variety of restaurant dishes all over Australia. American cheese is preferred over several other kinds of cheese because of myriad reasons such as consistency and high melt-ability. Several of those regular cheese restaurants purchase in bulk from cheesemongers or marts melt inconsistently; as a result, the fat content melts away from cheese solids leaving behind a pool of oil, the sight of which cheese lovers do not enjoy because of their undying love for cheese. While American cheese slices are consistent with their design and melt like a joy to watch.

Slices of American cheese are considered ideal for both restaurant sandwiches and burgers. Thousands of restaurants in Australia deal with bulk cheese slices each day and all year long. Like any other food item in the commercial kitchen, American cheese requires proper storage and handling to preserve its natural flavour and shelf life. Most restaurant chefs have their unique approach to cheese cooking, but the right approach to handling and using cheese slices is mostly common for any chef out there.

As a food enhancer, cheese is used to improve the taste and flavour of several restaurant dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, french fries, and many more. To get the ultimate return from your cheeses, the intent with which commercial kitchens buy their bulk cheese slices, your cheese should be fresh (free of moulds and contamination). Thankfully, simple dos and don’ts can help restaurants get the best out of their cheese slices for their restaurant dishes.

Handling American Cheese Slices; Your Dos and Don’ts

If handled improperly, Food products develop unwelcoming flavour and odour in response to outer moisture and temperature. This applies to cheese slices. Restaurants mostly purchase cheese slices in bulk to use in a variety of dishes. Purchasing American cheese slices in bulk for restaurants exacerbates the risk of cheese wastage and additional finances going into cheese buying. So, it is essential to handle cheese properly to avoid wasting both cheese and money.

  • While handling cheese, refrain from using the same kitchen equipment, cutting boards, and knives you use for other food items. While using the same equipment, there are high chances of cross-contamination. Always use clean knives and cutting boards while cutting, shredding, or crushing cheese.
  • It is equally important to store cheese properly. When left for long hours, cheese grows mould in the open air. So, make sure to refrigerate leftover cheese by wrapping it in parchment paper or a cheese wrapper. Refrigerate your American cheese slices as soon as possible after buying them. You can store cheese in the same condition you bought from your cheese shops. This helps in preserving the self-life of your cheese.
  • Cheese is a living product. This means it breathes like those harvested vegetables and fruits. When you store cheese around strong aromatic foods like fish, garlic, onions, broccoli, and others, your cheese absorbs its aroma. So, avoid absorbing your American cheese slices near aromatic food items.
  • Cheese is served at room temperature. This helps your cheese develop its natural flavour. Do not serve your cheese immediately after picking it up from the refrigerator. Before using it in the dishes, leave it in the open for some minutes.

Kian Elisa

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